Alice Revivo

I'm so glad I found this place!! Elva is truly one of a kind. I've had colonics before but not like this. My experience with her exceeded my expectations she makes you feel so comfortable, she is so funny. During my treatment we just laugh! Her massages make you feel much more relaxed and really helps release everything. You can see that she loves what she does and gives her all during the treatment. Thank you Elva ❤ And Thank you Dr.Yami! He has miracle hands! Such a kind hearted man. I had lower back pain and after one treatment I felt so much better the pain went away. Inner health & wellness has truly healed me and is definitely a place to go get healing whether it's for a colonic or an adjustment! I always leave feeling so relaxed and revitalized! Thank you!

jagdeep singh

I heard about Zerona Laser and Body Sculpting from a friend who was very happy with their service. I was spectacle initially about this laser procedure, but 2 weeks after treatment I was very surprised by the outcome. I was able to loose 2 inches off my waist.

Andrea Sean

I have been trying to reduce my weight and get in shape for a long time. Have tried everything right from diet to exercise. Unfortunately, nothing made any difference. Not ready to give up so easily I was looking for other options to get my body back. One of my friends suggested Zerona Laser treatment for body sculpting to me. I didn’t jump into the liposuction wagon immediately as I had my reservations about it. But after learning a lot about the treatment and its effects, I finally decided to give it a try. It takes at least a few sessions to really see the difference but in the end it was all good. Now that I have my body back, it is in my hands to maintain it. Good luck to me for that. Thank you Zerona Laser, I feel myself after a long time.

Priya Rajaram

Hurray!!! I am back on track again ..I took treatment for hormone related issues due to which I gained an immense amount of weight. I tried exercise to reduce weight but nothing worked. I am a big foodie but was unable to eat anything without feeling guilty. Feeling low and very frustrated I was looking for liposuction options. I came across Zerona laser treatment for body sculpting and researched more about it. After a lot of thought process, i decided to give this treatment a shot… glad I did it. Yes, it takes at least six sessions to see the results but it is worth it. I feel more confident, more energetic and above all joy of having my body back. I would recommend Inner health and Wellness center for Zerona Laser treatment to anyone looking for body sculpting.

Bella Mich

Dr Yami is great and very professional! Always bring you back to the life and he love the work so that's why he did it professional I'm highly recommend to anyone who needs great Dr

Tal Orion

I don't really review except for really great or really poor experiences. In this case the service was fantastic. This place is an absolute must. Customer service is beyond exceptional. The facilities are clean and relaxing. ELVA, the therapist seems to be an expert at her craft. She is the absolute best. I would recommend to anyone. I will be back. Thanks again. :)

Kfir Cohen

I had an accident a few months ago and I injured my neck and back. I went for treatment at the office of Dr. Yami Aarad. D.C. The office is very nice and clean and the people are very nice and professional. Dr. Yami is very good and he helped me a lot. I am doing much better now and I went back to work with no problems. I had an excellent experience and I do recommend this office to anyone.

Roger N.

This space is amazing. Staff is very attentive and helpful. Elva Chavez is amazing and made the colon hydrotherapy such an easy and comfortable experience. I was a little apprehensive but she is very sweet and gentle and made me feel very comfortable.She also offered follow up treatments with diet tips. She knows her stuff . The space is very clean andI've referred 2 friends of mine and they all love the space and experience. You walk out feeling lighter and healthy.

Lauren O.

This was my first hydrocolonic experience and Elva made me very comfortable. She was very deliberate and clear which made the experience pleasant. I left feeling very tranquil and happy. I would recommend to anyone. I got a Groupon for the experience but she stated they do specials sometimes so maybe call before buying the Groupon.

Clark W.

After two colonic treatments by Elva, I wanted to write a glowing review of her outstanding service! A colonic "virgin," I was rather nervous about my first treatment but she was warm, compassionate, informative and professional along every step of the process. I could not have asked for a better first time experience! The treatment itself was outstanding and I'm certain I will be back. So, if you're new to colonics or a veteran looking for a new treatment provider, you can't go wrong with Elva or this clinic. Thumbs up!