DayTwo-A Personalized Nutrition App

We would like to introduce the World`s First Health improvement and Diabetes prevention solution based on the groundbreaking gut microbiome.

Our gut microbiome directly influence our digestive system. Our app will give you diet advice based on your microbiome that will help you metabolize food. DayTwo`s scientific approach to nutrition translates each person`s uniqueness, including their biometrics into a personalized and actionable plan.

The DayTwo kit contains instructions for taking test samples and sending it to DayTwo`s lab, where the DNA of your body`s gut microbiome is sequenced using next-generation metagenomics. That data is plugged into an advanced machine-learning algorithm. In about six to 4-6 weeks, you will receive your microbiome report and a mobile or web application where you can access, personalized recommendations on meals that help you balance your blood sugar.

The gut microbiome - bacteria residing in everyone`s intestines - interacts with the digestive and immune systems. DayTwo researchers developed an algorithm for predicting individualized blood-glucose response to thousands of different foods and meals based on gut microbiome information and other personal parameters.

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DayTwo kit is now available in our office for $300. Call us today at 818-776-1661 to pick up your own kit.
You can also order the kit online , use the promocode : Arad10, to receive 10% off the regular price($349) at checkout.

The fine print

DayTwo nutrition recommendations do not in any way constitute medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

Adoption of DayTwo nutrition recommendations` may result in a change of your diet, and therefore, we recommend you seek the advice of your physician or other health care provider prior to making any such change.

In case you have been diagnosed with any medical condition, you are required to consult with your healthcare provider prior to using our product and implementing any nutrition recommendations.